Watch Dogs On PS4: Here’s How To Fix 90% Loading Screen Bug [Update]

Update: As our readers have pointed to us in the comments, this issue hasn’t worked for others. Ubisoft still seems to have failed to resolve this issue. We are currently looking into it and will update you once we get more info on this matter. You can read the original story below.

Original Story: Watch Dogs has a major game breaking bug on almost all the platforms including the PS4. This bug can result in players being unable to continue the game. Apparently it happens once we download or claim any item from the Uplay store. Thankfully, we have got a temporary solution to this issue from Ubisoft, until they fix it in a upcoming patch.

Watch Dogs fans are currently outraged over this issue, which affects almost all the platforms and results in them being unable to continue the game. This has resulted in a very large thread on Ubisoft support forums and also over at Watch Dogs reddit. Despite the issue being acknowledged by Ubisoft, it hasn’t been fixed yet. If you are affected by this issue and are playing the game on the PS4, luckily, there seems to be a solution.

1. Back up your Watch_Dogs save data by using the steps listed on Sony’s support page for uploading the data to the Online Storage. If you do not have a PlayStation Plus subscription, follow the steps to copy the save data to a USB storage device:

2. Once the data has been moved to the Online Storage or a USB storage device, please uninstall the game from the hard drive. For instructions on how to do that, see below:

  • On the PlayStation dashboard, hover over the Watch_Dogs tile and press the “Options” button on your controller.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you should have the option for “Delete”
  • Select this on the next screen select “OK” to delete the game content from the console.
  • Once the content is deleted, move to step 3

3. Re-install the game to the hard drive and download all patches for the game

4. Once the game has fully been installed, use the steps listed on Sony’s support page to download your backed up save data back onto your console’s hard drive

5. Launch the game after the save data has been returned and select “Continue” from the main menu to go back into your game

Hopefully Ubisoft can release a patch to fix this issue on all other platforms soon.

Have you solved your issue using this method? Let us know in the comments below.

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