Watch Dogs Random Character Profiler Is Often Hilarious, Even Awkward

Watch Dogs is an open world adventure game from Ubisoft. The game has us taking control of a hacker named Aiden Pearce with the ability to hack into the city network called ctOS. This, in turn, allows him to obtain information and manipulate equipments to his liking.

One interesting aspect of Watch Dogs is the ability to use our cellphone to examine the character profiles and other data of in-game NPCs. As the developers explained, this is totally random for the most part, expect for some instances when it is scripted as desired by story. Roaming around the city with this profiler open can result in some pretty funny descriptions.

As can be seen above, the random character profiler can result in some hilarious descriptions to downright awkward ones. These are apparently not the only thing regarding the NPCs of the game, as we can also hack their cellphone conversations and even phone calls, which can only add more to the hilarity or awkwardness.

Watch Dogs is now out on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. If you have the game pre-ordered on the PS4 and are facing issues, you might want to check this article here. If you own it digitally or have trouble connecting to the Uplay servers, you can check out this issue here.

Have you faced any such similar character profile? Let us know in the comments below.

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