Watch Dogs vs. Grand Theft Auto V: A Screenshot Comparison Between Two Open World Games

Let’s face it, Ubisoft’s plan to release Watch Dogs on a wide variety of hardware has resulted in the old generation getting the least amount of attention, but it has also resulted in the current generation being held back to realize the full potential. In truth, both the old generation and current generation of consoles could achieve far better results than the current ones, but sadly this didn’t happen.

Grand Theft Auto V was released exclusively on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Upon its release, it stunned everyone with its beautiful lighting and one of the best and most detailed open world in any game. The graphics of the game were unlike anything at the time of its release. Now fast forward to more than half year later, and we have got another open world game on the old generation consoles. The question here is, does Watch Dogs even match, or come close to the level of polish that we see in Grand Theft Auto V? Lets see how both games compare against each other in screenshots.

Obviously Grand Theft Auto V has an advantage here. It is unbelievable how stunning the game can still look despite being almost an year old game, and having such a huge open world compared to Watch Dogs. It would be currently unfair to compare Grand Theft Auto V to Watch Dogs on the PS4, so we decided against it. Once an inevitable port of Grand Theft Auto V arrives on the current generation consoles, we can make that comparison as well. As it stands, there is nothing that comes close to the scope of Grand Theft Auto V on the current generation consoles. Heck, its daytime lighting is still a lot better than Watch Dogs on current generation, although Watch Dogs looks stunning during nightime, especially with a rainy weather or thunderstorm.

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