Watch Dogs will not run on Dual-core CPUs and 4GB RAM

Jonahatin Morin, the creative director of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has just revealed some information about the minimum requirements for the game. According to his official twitter , Watch Dogs will not run on dual-core CPUs. That filters out almost half the processors (including the Intel’s “i3”  series). He also said that any CPU that scores 9,000-10,000 on Intel’s PassMark would be able to run the game on Ultra and scores of 7,000 and higher would be capable to run the game on Medium-High settings (assuming all other requirements are fulfilled).

As for RAM, the minimum RAM required to start game is 6GB. Any lower and you won’t be able to play. Answering a tweet if 4GB RAM was sufficient, he replied

“The main issue is your ram. If you climb it up to 6 you should be able to run the game at low settings.“

Coming to GPU, he also said that “90% of the dev team runs on Nvidia Geforce 670, that will run Ultra if you have the CPU to match.”.


These are some really intense requirements for a CPU considering the fact that a “mid-range” graphics card can run the game at Ultra. Now we just have to wait and see if the requirements are really worth it or a result of poor optimization…… Or maybe these are software limitations imposed by the developers for no apparent reason (Call of Duty Ghosts anyone!?). I guess we’ll find out soon

It was announced earlier this week that Watch Dogs has gone gold and it is set to be launched on 27th May for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Wii U version would arrive later this year although no exact date has been provided. This is without doubt, one of the most awaited game to come out this year, mainly due to the unique gamplay. Players will take the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who uses his hacking skills to control almost every element of Chicago. Thus using the surveillance systems, control systems etc to complete his task.

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