Watch Dogs X360/PS3 Character Models Compared To PS4/PC: Not Quite The Difference We Hoped

Watch Dogs is unfortunately another cross-gen game which has been held back by releasing on a multitude of platforms. As a result, the graphical upgrade of Watch Dogs going from previous generation to current generation isn’t as big as we could have expected.

When Ubisoft originally showed Watch Dogs at E3 2012, it looked like a true next generation game at that time. It was not only visually impressive, it also integrated a lot of unique elements in the mix, including an open world with the possibility of manipulating objects in that world with hacking. While the gameplay that we saw at the  E3 2012 reveal made its way into the game, the visuals have been pared down a lot, which won’t be the first time for a Ubisoft game.

So keeping this in mind, and its release on previous generation consoles (PS3/360), it is sufficient to say that Ubisoft was unable to fully utilize the potential of current generation consoles and PC, as the game’s visuals don’t seem to do it much justice. Don’t take it the wrong way, the game still looks great, but it has the mark of cross-gen all over it.

Can you guess the platforms in the image below? (GIF)

If you still can’t notice any difference, then don’t expect to spot them in any other comparison. Resolution aside, the asset work on the clothing is slightly lower in quality, as can be seen by taking a look at the zipper on Aiden’s neck. There is no AO of any kind on the previous generation consoles, which is understandable since they are quite taxing on the hardware. The lighting technique on both platforms is also different, it is much more dynamic and precise on the current generation compared to the previous one.

So what about the PC version? We have an alleged image that is supposedly running at the ‘high’ quality settings on PC. So is there any difference? See for yourself. (GIF)

The difference is again pretty much what we saw above. The difference in lighting is also present in this screenshot along with lower quality textures visible on the clothing, which results in loss of detail on the previous generation versions.

You can take a look at a couple more direct-feed screenshots of the character models on the previous generation consoles.

Watch Dogs is certainly a good looking game, and it is great to see that Ubisoft have made quite a decent port for all the platforms, but as a result of being a cross-gen title, the game’s visuals aren’t that “next-gen” worthy. Ofcourse, the difference will be much more apparent in the open world of the game, which we plan to cover in our upcoming comparison soon. Still in term of textures, the textures aren’t as bad as in Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was hardwired to run at 60 fps on all the platforms resulting in horrible looking textures for the previous generation.

So what do you have to say about this comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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