Watch_Dogs delay might greatly embarrass Ubisoft

Watch_Dogs was just delayed from November 2013 to Spring 2014. This Watch_Dogs delay might not be as embarrassing to Ubisoft had they not taken a shoot at Grand Theft Auto V in one of their official ad.

The official ad directly took a shoot at the fictional city of Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V claiming that “_two months are enough to visit Lost Santos”. That was back when Watch_Dogs was supposed to be released in November. Now that it has hit with a delay, and a long one to boot, Ubisoft might be regretting putting up such an ad.


Watch_Dogs delay announcement was recently made in a official blog post by Ubisoft and is not limited to a single platform but almost all of them. This news is surprising since Ubisoft just released their Watch_Dogs PC specs, which were actually the final specs after the supposedly leaked ones. The specs recommended minimum 6 GB of RAM and a Quad Core CPU.

Maybe Ubisoft decided to focus on one AAA franchises at a time and hence they delayed Watch_Dogs to 2014 since Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs were releasing dangerously close to each other and both were big AAA franchises for Ubisoft.

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