WB Partnering up with GaaS Specialist Studio Gobo for Future Projects, for Rocksteady’s Justice League maybe?

WB Games has announced that they’re partnering up with Studio Gobo for Future Projects “in 2018 and beyond.”

Studio Gobo are known for their work on games like Ubisoft’s For Honor and the Disney Infinity. They’re a studio focused on GaaS (Games as a service) content.

They’re most likely helping with, Batman: Arkham series creators, Rocksteady’s next project, which is rumored to be a Justice League game titled Justice League: Crisis. Both studios are located in the UK, which increases the likelihood of this happening.

We know that Rocksteady’s future game will incorporate GaaS features from a previous job listing where they were hiring a Project Manager with “GaaS Experience”.

Studio Gobo is currently making hires for several positions including a Community Manager, which means an announcement is coming soon. Also their job listings states that they’re currently at work on a  “exciting, unannounced project”  and “high profile game for a well known partner.”

Rocksteady’s next project is expected to be announced in Q1 2019 or at E3 2019, we for one can’t wait.

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