The weirdest things that non-playable characters in video games do

Regardless of how much games will improve in the foreseeable future; in terms of visuals, their story line and gameplay elements, there are still several things and factors missing from the world of gaming that helps us to maintain our grip on reality (otherwise we would we be lost in total gaming limbo). One of the things that helps us maintain that grip is the behavior on non – playable characters. Everything about them; from their movement, to their stance, to their speech, helps us categorize these things as the weirdest things that non – playable characters do in video games. Without further ado, let us expand the list and see what other shenanigans these characters execute that put gaming titles miles away from the real world when it comes to reality.

Acting completely normal while the playable character is carrying weapons of mass destruction

The weirdest things that non – playable characters in video games do

I don’t know about you guys, with I would certainly start sweating profusely and my heartbeat skyrocket if my eyes were to find a guy approaching me with a gun in his hands, let alone a grenade and rocket launcher. However, several law enforcement agencies would simply lift their hands and start waving to us while we have a huge weapon mounted on our shoulder. Granted that their behavior turns from friendly to hostile in a manner of seconds when we start unleashing our ordinances on them, it does give off a huge resonance of absurdity. What game developers should really do is design a pair of pants for the playable character which is big enough to accommodate and conceal these weapons of mass destruction. Only then shall we will easily be able to walk openly.

Appearing out of nowhere after the playable character left them from a large distance

The weirdest things that non – playable characters in video games do 2

Ok so I just met this character. He looks old, frail and hunchbacked which would obviously suggest that there is no way he could cover a lot of distance using just his two feet, regardless of how long he / she took. However, my playable character, who is in his peak physical condition, is able to travel a lot of distance. Still, whenever my character reaches a checkpoint in the game, the old, fail non – playable character always seems to reach before me. What sorcery is this?

Forgetting a crime just moments after it took place

The weirdest things that non – playable characters in video games do 3

Being a witness to a crime can be an extremely traumatic experience, especially when the nature of that crime falls under murder. It is the kind of event that may be stuck perpetually in the mind of a regular human being, but for our non – playable characters, it is something that ends up in their belly and gets absorbed instantaneously and completely, never to be felt again. What is even more ludicrous is that many non – playable characters who end up being guards (who are naturally supposed to be more vigilant) end up displaying the same form of apathy after several moments the crime took place. That’s ok it was probably just rats, or the wind. Or maybe you are not doing your damn job properly.

A complete stranger asking you to do a side mission

One of the most absurd things about non – playable characters is that they will approach you without knowing your identity and request you to complete a side quest for them. I don’t know you and I am busy in the midst of attempting to save the realm from falling in to anarchy and chaos and you want me to rescue your cat from the tree. Yes of course, I’d be more than happy to waste my precious time for the greater good. (*sarcasm*)

Being a gamer, you would have obviously experienced the near congruent behavior from these characters. Let us know their behavior and your reaction in the comment banks below.

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