White Noise 2 Arrives On Steam Early Access In Time For Halloween

White Noise 2 is set to launch on Steam Early Access on October 27, just in time for Halloween. This game is a sequel to the successful White Noise Online that has been played by over 500,000 people.

This game has been developed by Milkstone Studios, an Independent developer. They have achieved a lot of success in the past with their earlier releases, over various platforms, like Ziggurat, Pharaonic and White Noise Online as mentioned above.


White Noise 2 is a 4v1 horror game. Players have the option to either be a part of a team of investigators and look for a creature that is hunting them. The other choice is to play as the creature itself and hunt down the investigators.

Investigators have to work together, searching for 8 hidden tapes with the help of a flashlight, making sure they don’t get lost or else they will be hunt down. The creature will try to track these investigators, one by one, without being seen and trying to avoid their dazing flashlights.

Once an investigator has been killed by the creature it doesn’t mean game over. The investigator now has enhanced powers, as a ghost, which can be used to assist the remaining team-mates.

The game has been priced at $7.99 and will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.


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