Wii U Outsells PS4 Despite inFamous: Second Son Release In Japan According To Latest Sales Figure

Famitsu has shared the sales figure for last week in Japan and according to these figures, Nintendo Wii U has managed to outsell the PS4, for the first time after its launch, in Japan. Sadly the victory isn’t really much in term of amount of units sold, still, it is something to consider since Wii U is getting a major blockbuster title soon compared to the PS4, which is lacking software in Japan for now.

The full Top 10 chart can be seen below.

1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 20,304
2. PS Vita –13,334
3. Wii U – 8,858
4. PS4 – 7,387
5. PS3 – 7,383
6. Nintendo 3DS – 4,711
7. PSP – 1,201
8. PS Vita TV – 762
9. Xbox 360 – 104

If we compare it to previous week sales, the PS4 seems to have reached a point where any increase is negligible, hopefully it can receive a sales boost in the coming month after E3 announcements, and once more software is released for it.


The alarming situation is that this happened despite the release of inFamous: Second Son in Japan. The game sold a total of 39,757 units in its debut week, but still failed to move any substantial amount of PS4. It has been a success worldwide though, and was the fastest selling release in the series, with about 1+ million digital + retail copies sold in just 9 days.

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