Will Beyond Two Souls go Beyond the boundaries of video games? Reviews say otherwise…

Beyond Two Souls review embargo was just lifted. It received a very mixed set of reviews with scores ranging from 4/10 to 10/10. Why is it receiving such a polarizing opinion? Should this even matter how much it scores on some fixed scale? In Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO’s own words “Play and discuss it! Worth a 5/10 or 10/10?”.

Reviews are always subjective, they always have been. It was not until metacritic got popular in the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 generation that the scores for these reviews started getting much attention. It was important to have good scores on average to get a good score on metacritic. Someone gave your game a 4/10 – too bad – your game will drop further on the metacritic scale just because of this one bad review.

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Beyond Two Souls is currently(at time of writing this) scoring a 74/100 on metacritic. This is with review scores that range rage from 4/10 to a perfect 10/10. As a gamer, we might be wondering which reviewer to trust. The best advice in this case is to trust yourself. You can do this since Beyond Two Souls already has a demo available. Want to try the game before buying it out? Go and download the demo that is freely available to the general public. The demo might not give you the full experience but it sure gives a nice idea of how the game will end up like.

Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO said it perfectly

A game with a mixed set of opinions is not a bad game by any means. This only shows that there are people who hated the game and then there are people who loved it. Who knows, which category you might fall in?

The bottom line here is: If you loved Quantic Dream’s previous work like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain and managed to like the Demo, forget the review scores, just go and buy the game. Don’t let the opinion of others distract you.

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