“You will be sick of us”, says Epic Games

The most prominent news coming out of Epic Games studios is about  Microsoft’s acquisition of the rights of Gears Of War franchise but it seems that the developers already have some major plans for the future.


Speaking to Edge-Online, Epic Game’s EU territory manager Mike Gamble stated that many consoles and PC games will be in the market by 2015. This is something gamers will cheer about as the only game known to utilize the power of Unreal Engine 4 is Epic’s very own “Fortnite” and no details have been made public about that game.

Mike confirmed that Epic plans to make some announcements at this year’s  GDC and defended Epic’s rather cryptic behaviour about providing any details as of yet

“There haven’t really been any announcements of the games still under wraps [that use UE4] – as soon as they start going live, then you’ll see suddenly see that we’re everywhere again. You’ll be thoroughly sick of us!”

He also provided a rough date when games powered by Undreal Engine 4 would be available saying

 “It’ll happen this year, toward the Christmas period. Knowing the games that are in development, there are some crackers. The first quarter of 2015 is also where a lot of them seem to be aiming.”

Epic Games is an American company which has become famous for producing the most graphically demanding games, not only on consoles and PC, but also on handhelds and therefore the gaming community is always anxious for their newest products. Are you one of those waiting eagerly for their games? Let us know in the comments!

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