You Could Win A PlayStation 4 Just By Speed Running A Game To 100%

PSNProfiles and Bloober Team have teamed up together to bring the gamers unique treats for speed running Bloober Team’s latest game: A-Men 2, which is available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The first prize is a brand new PlayStation 4 along with a lifetime supply of Bloober Team’s games. The second prize is a PlayStation Vita with Bloober Team’s lifetime supply of games and the third prize is the lifetime supply of Bloober Team’s games itself.

A-Men 2 is a sequel to PlayStation Vita’s launch title, A-Men. In A-Men 2, you control the A-Men, a Special Forces unit, through 44 stages across four new worlds.

In order to participate, you need to sign in using your PSN ID on PSNProfiles and enter the speed-run here. Below you can find out how you can have a shot at winning:

  • Simply log in to PSNProfiles and enter the Speed Run
  • Play A-Men 2 on PS3 or Vita, we’ll track your progress
  • We’ll verify the legitimacy of earned trophies with Bloober Team
  • The competition will end 24 hours after three legit gamers achieve 100% to allow for the later EU PSN release date.
  • The winners will be the fastest 100% achievers during this time
  • Winners will be contacted via PSNProfiles for further details


Bloober Team is a Polish based video game development studio. The team have an upcoming title exclusively for the PlayStation 4, titled “Basement Crawl”.

What do you think about this competition? Do you have what it takes to speedrun through the game and win? Let us know in the comments below.

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