Windows 10 getting “post-summer” release on Xbox One

Windows 10 will be making its way to the Xbox One a little after its release on PC. The OS is promised to bring about a brand new look and feel to all the platforms that belong to Microsoft’s ecosystem. We don’t quite know how this will translate into practical usage of the OS on the console, or what kind of features it may bring.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, is known for his proactive engagement with the community on Twitter. On the social network, he has officially confirmed that the launch of Windows 10 in the summer doesn’t include Xbox One.


The “post-summer” release window mentioned by Spencer is for the preview version, which implies that the public release is likely to happen a month or so later. Let us know what you think about Xbox One’s future OS upgrade in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Reviews Editor at GearNuke

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