Windows 10 update affecting some PCs with reboot glitch

A new update has recently been rolled out for Windows 10, and it seems to be the cause behind a reboot glitch that is now affecting some users. The glitch occurs when Windows 10 fails to install update KB3081424 and repeatedly attempts to re-install it, rebooting the PC in this process.


The update started rolling out on Wednesday, and was slated to bring several key bug fixes. However, it seems to have come with issues of its own. A part of the problem in this case is the fact that Windows 10 updates are automated and forced, resulting in the repeated attempts at installation.

Several users on the Microsoft Windows forums have been complaining about this update. It turns out that the source of the issue is a bad entry in the Registry. which is the modifiable database for all important Windows settings. Once the installation fails, a bad entry is written into the Registry, in turn preventing subsequent attempts to reinstall the update properly.

There is a temporary fix, however, which involves deleting certain keys in the Registry in order to eliminate the bad entry and allow the update to perform a fresh installation. Though, this fix is only useful for those who are skilled and comfortable working with the Registry. Others who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to tackle such procedures are probably better off waiting until Microsoft rolls out an official fix.

Let us know if you’ve encountered this Windows 10 glitch on your PC in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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