Winter Festival Items Are Available On League Of Angels II Until December 2

The winter festival has finally started for League of Angels II, which has brought about several new items to the game. The event has introduced a new Winter-themed suit, Battle pet and Mount to make your holidays even better. This festival will continue till December 2.

League of Angels II was released earlier this year. It is the sequel of the 2013 game League of Angels developed and published by Youzu Interactive. It is a turn-based combat MMORPG that revolves around monsters and angels, where you play as a hero completing challenges, and collecting gold and diamonds.


The winter festival has brought a new suit, Winter Vestments. It will be worn by the warriors of the north who have silver hair and shiny crystal wings. The ultimate skill with it will be Deep Freeze; (81%+20) DMG to all enemies with a 36% chance to freeze them for 1 round, and the normal skill will be Frostblade. It will work in the first round, dealing (233%+80) DMG to a column of enemies and reducing their Rage by 300.

The new Battle Pet is Azurous, a Frost Dragon. Its ultimate skill is ice barrier, whereby it can shield the entire squad and restore (81% +20) HP, while increasing DEF by 12% for 3 rounds. The normal skill is called Frost Shot. It will cause (253%+90) DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP percent, with a chance to freeze it for 1 round.

Lastly Arctic Bear is the new mount. Its skill is called Polar Protection which will increase DEF and END by 10% for 2 rounds. Do let us know what you think of these new winter items in the comments below!


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