The Witcher 3 Latest Mod Provides An Increase Of 5 to 10 FPS For AMD Graphics Cards

If you are an owner of AMD Graphics Cards and want to get a performance boost in The Witcher 3, you need to check out this mod. Keep in mind that this mod is only good for those who are not CPU bound in the game. If you have a weak CPU then you shouldn’t really expect an improvement from this mod.

This mod can be found at Nexus Mods and it uses the files from the latest AMD driver for Windows 10. If you can’t wait for these drivers to release officially, you can download this mod and give it a try. Check out the instruction for installing this mod below.


Extract the 4 .DLL files to your Witcher3.exe location (e.g. D:\Games\Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64). In
order to work they must be in the same folder as “Witcher3.exe”.


Simply remove or delete the 4 .DLL files from the Witcher 3 directory.

The mod creator recommends to use this for HD 7870 or higher graphics cards. For the less powerful cards, the difference won’t be as noticeable.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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