The Witcher 3: Peller now carries all runestones and recipes

The Peller is a weird dude, not only does him speaking in third person creep me out but his quests are not that interesting. He’s good for one thing though as after the latest The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt patch he is now selling an awesome collection of Runestone and Runestone recipes.

For those with bad memories, The Peller is found in the game’s main quest where you go look for the Baron’s wife and daughter. He also gives you the funniest sidequest in the game where you fetch his “princess”, don’t worry I won’t spoilt if for you guys. Below is his exact location on the map.


The Peller, as can be seen in the screenshots below, is carrying all the basic Runestones with recipes to other Runestones including the Greater variations. Runestone are fairly expensive and hard to come by, especially the Greater variants so its recommended that you stock up. For a quick guide on farming money in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt click here.


Peller isn’t the only one who is selling these items but he has the best collection I’ve come across in the game so far. For alternate merchants with Runestones you can try Keira Metz or the Alchemist located near the Fast Travel sign in the North part of Novigrad.


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