The Witcher 3 players on Xbox One facing Manual Saving issues

According to Reddit and a whole bunch of other forums, some The Witcher 3 players on the Xbox One are having difficulty Manually Saving their games. The Witcher 3 allows both auto save and manual saving functionality which seems to be working fine on the Playstation 4 and PC.

Players have been losing hours of progress in The Witcher 3 with the bug not allowing them to manual save their progress, they get a message prompt displaying “you cannot save right now” which is normally displayed while the game is auto saving progress. Some users think that this bug could have stemmed from the Xbox One’s Save/Resume feature which allows players to continue their progress after waking up their Xbox from sleep. Bloodborne has a similar glitch where the data would be corrupted.


If you’re facing this issue Reddit user /u/StraightoutaKansas recommends you backup your The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt save to the cloud, delete it from your console and then recover it. You can also try a Hard Reset.

Hopefully this is not a widespread issue and developers CDProjektRed fixes it in a future update.

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