The Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update Is Now Live, Full Patch Notes Inside

CD Project Red has released a brand new update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for the Xbox One X. This update implements support for a high resolution while also adding support for a performance mode that can run the game at 60 fps. HDR support is also a part of this new update which was absent for the PS4 Pro but will be implemented in a future update.

CD Project Red has now shared the full set of patch notes for this update which you can read below.

An upgrade patch introducing HDR support will soon be released for the PS4™ Pro console as well.

List of changes for Xbox One X:

  • 2 new graphic modes: 4K Mode and Performance Mode
  • support for 4K resolution
  • HDR support
  • enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion and texture filtering
  • higher resolutions textures
  • dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p to 4K)

They have also confirmed that the performance mode is intended to target 60 fps but runs at a dynamic 4K resolution with minimal target of 1080p.

In 4K Mode the game will run in 4K resolution (or supersampled on a non-4K display) with stable 30fps gameplay, whereas Performance Mode enables dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p up to 4K) while targeting 60 fps during gameplay. Both modes support HDR.

The Witcher 3 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game was developed and published by CD Project Red.

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