The Witness Will Run At 1080p And 60 Fps On The PS4

Jonathan Blow has shared new details on his upcoming PS4 exclusive ‘The Witness’. In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Blow talked about the progress being made on the development of his latest game and confirmed that the basic design of the game is almost finished. He also talked about the resolution and frame rate of the PS4 version of the game, confirming that it will be indeed running at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

The Witness is a brand new puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, the creator and developer of the extremely popular, time-based, puzzle platformer Braid. During the PlayStation 4’s reveal last February, Blow appeared on stage to reveal that he is going to release his next game exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The game is supposedly using the touch pad in an interactive way to solve puzzles in the game. It sports a beautiful visual style that bodes well with the overall aesthetics of the game.

the-witness (2)

Along with the detail about the development of the game, Blow also revealed the assets size of the game so far.

Texture Maps: 1,196 files, 446MB
Meshes: 4,588 files, 507MB
Sounds: 2,435 files, 1.2GB
Animations: 197 files, 0.6MB
Entities: 1 file, 4.3MB
Lightmaps (these are auto-generated): 17,916 files, 453MB
Total (including other files not listed here): 39,387 files, 2.7GB

The Witness is set to launch at an unspecified date in 2014.

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