The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile Review (PS3)

Cliffhangers, cliffhangers everywhere! The last episode of The Wolf Among Us ended on a big one, with the third episode titled A Crooked Mile some questions get answered while even more come up. As always since The Wolf Among Us is an episodic adventure game so we’ll be reviewing each episode individually. You can also check out reviews for the first episode titled Faith and second episode titled Smoke and Mirrors. Before continuing if you haven’t played the previous episodes then head off to the end of the review for the score, there will be slight spoilers for the first and second episode in this review.

So far playing through The Wolf Among Us has been a blast. The wait for A Crooked Mile was difficult but so worth it. The episode starts off with a bang as the enraged Sheriff Bigby heads off to find Ichabod Crane, the Director of Operations and mayor of the Fabletown who he suspects is behind the murders.


So basically the episode is about finding where Crane is. To look for clues on Crane’s whereabouts Bigby heads off to investigate three possible leads that seem to be time sensitive. Unlike episode 1 where Bigby used the Magic Mirror to find out what Fable Town’s residents were doing, this time around he has to do all the groundwork. Developers Telltale put in a scripted timer which adds a sense of fake urgency to the investigation, but personally it didn’t do anything for me and I made sure to explore every nook and cranny before moving the story forward.

Due to scripted timer, which moves forward as you explore each of the three locations, players only have enough time to explore two locations. The game doesn’t mark any of those locations as a wrong location, so each of them has clues to move the story forward. I found myself playing this section twice, to explore all three locations, the outcome was the same although the clues were slightly different.


One thing I need to vent out about is that its been three episodes now, Snow White and the other characters seemingly “remember” what the Big Bad Wolf has doing, but I haven’t really noticed a change in our relationships. This wasn’t the case with Telltale’s The Walking Dead series where I had to seriously think about my choices. I’m punching people one second, and being nice the other, its not affecting anything at all. I hope this is just happening with me, otherwise this is a broken game mechanic.

The highlight of A Cooked Mile is the ending, I wasn’t really blown away with this episode like I was with the first two but the ending greatly redeemed itself. It’s a brilliant mix scripted QTEs and decision making which had me on the edge of my seat. A bit on the soundtrack, just know its brilliant as ever.


We made very little progress in this episode and I hope Telltale has something special planned in the next two episodes. I still recommend you guys grabbing it if you don’t have the season pass yet.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile Review (PS3)


A Crooked Mile is a great Adventure game episode on its own, but I would consider it weaker than the first two episodes.


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