The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf Finale Review (PS3)

It’s finally over and I have mixed feelings. On one hand I’m glad my heart can have some rest, I clearly don’t take cliffhangers well which were present at the end of every The Wolf Among Us episode. However I’m really sad that there won’t be a next episode, restricting my ability to dive deep into the fantastic world of Fables one more time. Not being a huge fan of adventure games, developers Telltale has managed to turn me over with this fantastic series. Read on to see how the final episode of The Wolf Among Us titled Cry Wolf fared in our review.

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Note: The following review may contain minor spoilers.

The episode starts off with Bigby about to face off against the infamous Crooked Man which we’ve been investigating for the past four episodes. Now the choice is up to you whether you choose to talk with your mouth or fists as Bigby stands opposite the Crooked Man and his goons we’ve been coming across in the previous episodes. The episode is the most action packed of the series as Telltale tries to wrap everything up in the final 90 minute episode. Pacing as expected is much faster as Bigby goes to several locations chasing down the Crooked Man to bring him to justice.


Bigby will also be finally facing off against his rival Bloody Mary who pretty much whooped his ass in episode 3. The battle is the longest QTE fight I’ve played so far in any game, but the funny thing is that it never got boring. It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t played the game but the flow of the battle was amazing, the epic soundtrack playing in the background helped too. It was fitting that Telltale saved the tension between Bigby and Bloody Mary for the last episode allowing us to witness the massively satisfying battle.

The episode sees a satisfying sending off to most of the residents of Fable Town. The Little Mermaid Nerissa, Crooked Man, Georgie and Vivian especially get a multidimensional look at their characters explaining their reasons and motivations behind what they did. However some characters like Snow White and Bluebeard looked like they need more screen time.


I’ve been constantly complaining about how decisions made in The Wolf Among Us don’t effect the story or are mentioned as much as they are in other Telltale Games like The Walking Dead. Without spoiling too much we’ll be seeing all those choices effect the tone and answers of the citizens of Fable Town towards the end of Cry Wolf.

I was really impressed by the end of the episode. After all the dust settled and an era of peace finally seemed a reality, the final scene adds an intense sense of ambiguity leaving us confused and asking questions.


As a series The Wolf Among Us is defiantly in my favorites list. I would recommend all gamers, not just adventure game fans to try the game, it converted me and will hopefully convert you too. I just hope somehow in the future Telltale comes back and gives us a season two or even a spinoff in the same universe.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf Finale Review (PS3)


Cry Wolf is the perfect finisher to end the fantastic series. The ending did not only leave me perfectly satisfied but had me replay the prior episodes to look for clues and answers.


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