The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 – In Sheep’s Clothing Review (PS3)

In Sheep’s Clothing is The Wolf Among Us’ four episode leading up to the finale in the fifth episode. The episode starts off with dealing of the ramifications that take place at the end of Episode 3, let’s just say our hero Bigby has seen better days. After getting patched up Bigby Wolf heads out back to the city to follow up on the case which is finally starting to make some sense.

Even though you won’t find much action while playing through In Sheep’s Clothing other than one awesome fight scene, most of the episode is about uncovering secrets behind the murders happening in Fable Town. We also find out a bit more about the infamous Crooked Man. There’s also a huge cliffhanger at the end of the episode like every single one before it, I’ve started to expect them really but this one is clearly the most interesting one. Bigby will be making several important choices throughout this episode which leads to different situations. Due to the more detective nature of the episode there are relatively more explorable routes his time around.


Like Episode 3 Bigby is again given an option to explore two locations. Due to time sensitivity the location players choose will have a direct effect on the events at the second location. I played through the episode twice trying out both the locations and the difference is immense and I would diffidently recommend players going through the episode a second time. The attention to detail is amazing this episode have me keeping an eye out, for instance in the background writing on a chalkboard at one of the explorable locations is erased if you choose to explore it later. There’s a ton of hidden sneak peaks spread throughout the episode which add structure to the story.


We still don’t know as much as we expected to by the end of episode 4. I’m just hoping Telltale gives the so far brilliant series a proper sendoff in the fifth episode. In Sheep’s Clothing is a slower episode than what many have been expecting from the series but you’ll never find a dull moment and always moving your analog stick to progress further in the story.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 – In Sheep’s Clothing Review (PS3)


The build up in this episode is excellent although I'm not sure the finale will be able to live up to the expectations it has set.


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