The Wolf Among Us Xbox Season Pass Issue

Telltale Games made us wait an extra two months for The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 and to make it even worse, some Xbox users (who have the season pass) can’t download the new episode. Players who possess a season pass holders will now have an even longer delay.

Xbox 360 users have been absolutely furious. On the Official Forums on Telltale’s website. Xbox users, from all over the world, stated the same problem. They can not download The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors. The new episode should be available for players who possess the season pass. Instead, players are instead prompted to pay again for the episode. One fan tried everything he could to resolve the problem. He uninstalled the game and clearing their cache, but nothing seemed to work. It is still unclear whether the problems is on Microsoft or Telltale’s end but fans are more then disappointed by how things are being handled.

Telltale Games then announced on twitter that Microsoft is investigating this issue and they will keep users updated once it is fixed.

Hopefully, this problem is resolved soon.

Abdullah Raza


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