Wolfenstein 2 Will Run At Similar Specs To DOOM For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo surprised everyone when they revealed in their direct that DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 are coming to the Nintendo Switch. This was particularly interesting because both of these games are available on the current generation consoles and PC offering support for high-end hardware.

DOOM has already been revealed on the Nintendo Switch and it appears to look great considering the hardware. There are obviously some drawbacks to the portable experience in the form of a reduced resolution and downgraded visuals but they still don’t stop it from being considered a technical feat.

Recently GameSpot had an interview with Jens Matthies who is working on Wolfenstein 2 and they asked about the upcoming Switch version of the game. While the answer wasn’t exactly clear, the game director did tease what to expect from the Switch version of the game.

When GameSpot asked him about the Switch version, he said the following: “I think a good reference point would be Doom. Because it’s the same engine. It will be whatever Doom is capable of, that is what Wolfenstein is capable of.”

DOOM currently runs at sub-HD resolution and 30 fps on the Nintendo Switch so perhaps this will also be the limit for Wolfenstein 2. We haven’t really seen any footage of the game so far and while DOOM for the Nintendo Switch is due this Holiday, Wolfenstein 2 is still set for early 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.

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