WordPress 3.9 is coming next week, here are the major changes

The long awaited released of WordPress 3.9 is almost here as it recently entered its third Beta. Developers Automattic have confirmed an April 16th release date for the new update which can’t come any sooner if you ask me.

WordPress is the most popular blogging software on the Internet and used my most leading websites and blogs. Also used by casual users trying to get into blogging the software is very easy to setup. Instead of looking up tutorials and learning on how to set up a website, many servers and hosting platforms come with WordPress pre-installed.

WordPress, like any other software adds tons of improvements, features and bug fixes with each update so being excited is normal. To help you understand the hype associated with this release, read on to find out what’s new in WordPress 3.9.

The biggest new feature is Live Theme Previews. Unlike before where you had to save changes to your theme before previewing them, with WordPress 3.9 you can view the changes live the Admin dashboard without it affecting the site. The Live Theme Preview will be added in Appearance > Themes > Customize as expected. Live Preview also allows you to make changes to assets like header images and widgets on the fly, allowing you to make edits without being scared of breaking your site.


My favorite new feature is Drag and Drop. All you have to do is drag an image to the Visual Editor from your PC and it’ll automatically upload it and format it into the post. Not is this only a huge time saver but also makes the whole process much simpler.

Automattic have also improved Image Editing in WordPress 3.9 allowing you to better edit images in the Visual Editor. No longer will you have to open the dedicated Image editor and waste time.

Lastly we have the ability to preview galleries in the Visual Editor. Previously all you could see after inserting a gallery was an empty box, to view how the gallery looked you would have to open the whole post. Now they’ll look exactly like how they would look on the site in the Visual Editor.

For a more detailed look at WordPress 3.9 head over to WPBeginner. Overall WordPress 3.9 looks to be one of the best updates WordPress has gone till date. I’m definitely excited, are you?

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