World of Final Fantasy Patch 1.02 Released, Fixes PS4 Pro Support And Adds Free Sora DLC

world of final fantasy

Square Enix has finally released the latest patch for World of Final Fantasy. This update is important for PS4 Pro users as it finally fixes the long requested depth-of-field bug that made the visuals blurry on the PS4 Pro.

The patch should be available to download in the EU region and will be slowly released across more regions. You can find the patch notes below.

We’ve added an oft-requested Theater Mode to the Title Screen and patched in an awesome new DLC Champion: Sora! Also, now you can restore HP/AP at most Gates. (But not the Main Gate or Exit Gates. Sorry!)

We’ve also crushed some bugs. CRUSH! They’re gone! Happy imprisming!

The free Sora DLC is available for a limited time until March 31st so download it before it is removed.

NeoGAF user Persona RS has shared a comparison of the game before the release of Patch 1.02 and after it. It shows that the visuals were blurred with Patch 1.01 but are now fixed with the latest update.

World of Final Fantasy is available now for the PS4 and PS Vita.

Let us know if you have noticed any improvements in the visuals after updating to the latest version of game on the PS4 Pro in the comments below.

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