World of Final Fantasy On PS4 Pro Suffers From Poor Image Quality After Patch 1.01

world of final fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is one of the games which has been confirmed to include a PS4 Pro patch to enhance the visual quality on the new hardware. Unfortunately as it stands, the improved image quality is nowhere to be found and the visuals appear to have a blurry smudge, which is strange because the game has a clean image quality on the standard PS4.

This issue has been reported over at gaming forum NeoGAF as well as reddit, where users are complaining about blurry and pixelated look for the game on the PS4 Pro.

This is a rather strange bug that makes the game a blurry mess on the PS4 Pro, as seen in the screenshots below shared by NeoGAF user Corleth the Fey.

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Some users have reported that uninstalling the patch 1.01 (by deleting the game) fixes this visual glitch on the PS4 Pro. World of Final Fantasy was one of the many games that were confirmed to get PS4 Pro support in the form of a patch.

The latest update to the game is 1.01 but it doesn’t appear to add any PS4 Pro support. It is possible that Square Enix hasn’t worked out on the PS4 Pro patch so this is simply a bug that results in a different visual setup on the PS4 Pro compared to the standard PS4. Hopefully Square Enix can patch this out quickly so users can enjoy this beautiful game on their new hardware.

You can read our World of Final Fantasy review from here. The game is available now for the PS4 and PS Vita.

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