World’s First Lifetime Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Awarded By Microsoft

Xbox One has been officially launched since last week and has seen success by selling a million units total worldwide. Xbox One had a rocky start ever since it was first announced with strict DRM policies but it was wise of Microsoft to reverse their own policies and give gamers the freedom of what they want for themselves.

But the launch of Xbox One proved very lucky for one Xbox LIVE gold member. Ray Cox, better known by his gamertag ‘Stallion83’, was featured on Spike TV Xbox One launch show alongside Larry Hryb, widely known as Major Nelson, who is the Director of Programming for Xbox Live. Major Nelson, on behalf of Microsoft, presented a rare White Xbox One Launch Team edition to Ray Cox and a box containing a gold-plated card which happened to the world’s first lifetime Xbox LIVE gold membership. Accroding to Ray Cox’s own Facebook page, he stated that the card is made of 24k gold.

Ray Cox was awarded with this honour because of his countless hours of dedication to the Xbox LIVE. He is currently the most highest Xbox LIVE Gamerscore accumulating around 953,000. Ray Cox believes that he will be able to hit the one million mark soon and has made his goal to do so. His Gamerscore has also been confirmed by the Guinness organization.

It was a nice gesture by Microsoft to award one of its most dedicated players with an honour such as the lifetime Xbox LIVE gold membership and shows that Microsoft has not forgotten about the top players on its network.

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