Worms W.M.D Review (Switch)

When it comes to offering a great 2D combat system in a game, Worms series usually comes at the top. Not only the game manages to implement an artillery based 2-dimensional combat system that relies on timing and strategic position of enemies on the battlefield, it also mixes a good amount of humor with its weapons and crazy gadgets that end up being extremely fun to use in battle.

Worms W.M.D is the latest entry in the series that attempts to go back to the series roots. It also tries to bring some replay value to the game with the ability to play multiplayer either in local co-op or through online unranked/ranked matches. Basically, if you are a fan of the old school 2D Worms which also offered clunky controls but they were a part of its charm, this game is going to be the perfect fit for you offering unlimited Worms goodness on the go. It also scales well to the big screen featuring crisp animated 2D visuals. You can freely zoom in and zoom out of the big map and also have the ability to control the camera with the right analog stick so you can get the best look at the action on the battlefield.

If you have played any of the past Worms games, you might recognize the changes implemented here. The gameplay is now old school with some new tweaks for it, there are also some new weapons that offer an alternative take on the classic weapon design. The two major additions this time are the ability to enter a building for protection, and the ability to enter and control vehicles like helicopter, tanks and mechs.

Worms W.M.D offers a short campaign which features a set of objectives that need to be fulfilled. There are optional objective to perform if you are up to the task, and you can also find wanted posters in each level to unlock challenging mini boss fights. Most of the time, you will have to eliminate the enemy team although there are some variety of objectives to perform as well. If you are a perfectionist, you might also enjoy the tutorial which teaches some of the basics of weapons and also has its own ranking system.

The gameplay is part luck-based and part skill-based. This is because there are always some certain unpredictable moments during each combat that can alter the course of the whole battle. During the campaign missions, you will have a set of pre-allocated weapons that you can use in the battle, but you can also craft your own weapons by collecting parts from crates, or dissembling you weapons to create a different one.

The weapons require carefully timed strikes in order to deal the most damage to the opponent. This will require skill as well experience and can prove to be deadly in the start as your mistake can kill or damage your own character. The newly added vehicles are quite deadly if you can get them through supply drops. They control in the same clunky way as you might expect from a worm but offer unlimited weapon power for a set amount of time. Your worms have their limited health during a battle although it is possible to recover or increase them by finding medical kits in each level.

The gameplay is entirely turn-based and works in parallel with the enemy. You will take a single turn for one of your character followed by your opponent. It feels a little slow in the start as you wait for your character’s turn so you can unleash some damage to the enemy before they do the same to you, but it is also highly satisfying if you manage to put the opponent in your carefully orchestrated trap. If you manage to kill multiple enemies, you can witness your attack unfolding in a replay.

Aside from the campaign and challenges that you can perform, you also have the multiplayer mode to tackle. It features a ranking mode along with a local multiplayer mode. You can also quick search for games without having to worry about your ranking. I was able to easily find matches when I tested this mode, although the game also has launched rather recently so I am not sure about the population for the online multiplayer. The net code seemed to work fine on my end though, regardless of how many users were playing the game online.

Worms W.M.D is easily my favorite entry in the series. There is plenty of replay value to be had here and with the unpredictable nature of some of the battles, you can easily spend hours learning and tweaking your strategy and mastering each of the weapons. The new building mechanics can be a life saver if you surrounded by enemies, although I was mostly on the offensive side of combat so I didn’t rely on it much.

Worms W.M.D Review (Switch)

Game Reviewed on: Switch

Game description: Worms W.M.D is a 2D artillery turn-based tactics video game in the Worms series, released on 23 August 2016. It features gameplay style closer to Worms Armageddon than subsequent installments,[2] while adding new features that range from interactive vehicles such as tanks, to buildings that the worms can enter for protection.


Worms W.M.D features a strategic turn-based combat with the traditional humor and super weapons expected from the series. It is an enjoyable experience on the Nintendo Switch with its short mission based campaign and challenges that offer a good amount of replay value.


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