Worthy PC Game Sales: 9/26/13

Hello fellow PC gamers and deal shoppers. Welcome to the first installment of Worthy PC Game Sales. The entire goal of this segment is to bring some of the more awesome PC game sales to light for those of us addicted to catching the best deals. You can expect to see everything from AAA to Indie developed titles week by week worth picking up.

So without further wait, check out some great deals below:

This week we have the Ultimate Commandos sale going on over at BundleStars website. For a highly discounted total of $2.25 you can pick up a bundle featuring Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos : Beyond The Call Of Duty, Commandos 2 : Men Of Courage, and Commandos 3 : Destination Berlin. Let’s recap for a second. For less than three bucks you can pick up 4 strategy based titles for steam. That’s a savings of around 86%. All of the funds can be put towards charity making this an awesome bundle.

This next sale is going to be phenomenal. IndieGala currently has a massive Magicka sale called The Indie Gala Magicka ++ going on. This specific bundle has multiple options ranging in the $1, $3.99, and $5.85 range. For paying $1 you will receive a steam key for Magicka. When you bump your contribution up to $3.99 you receive Magicka as well as 8 different Magicka expansions. When you contribute $5.85 or more you receive all of the previously mentioned games and DLC as well as the King Arthur Collection which features King Arthur and 4 different expansions. Purchasers of the $5.85 or more bundle will also receive King Arthur : Fallen Champions, King Arthur 2 and 1 DLC, as well as an additional 13 more DLC for Magicka. Let’s recap, for a total of $5.85 or more you can receive Magicka with a total of 21 DLC’s, the King Arthur Collection featuring 4 DLC’s, King Arthur : Fallen Champions, and King Arthur 2 with 1 DLC. That’s an awesome deal! Once again you are able to donate all of the purchase price to charity.

GameFly is currently doing an awesome PC games sale. Use the following code upon checkout to receive an addition 20% off. (GFDSEP20) The most notable games in this sale include Crysis : Maximum Edition for $7.49, Crysis 2 : Maximum Edition for $7.49, Crysis 3 for $14.99, Command and Conquer : The Ultimate Collection for $9.99, the Mass Effect : Trilogy for $19.99, and the special edition of Jade Empire for a whopping $4.99!  How can you lose with any of these deals!

Steam is possibly one of the best known when talking about PC game sales. They are notorious for hurting our wallets. This week Steam has a few key sales going on. You have only a few hours left to pick up the Dark Souls : Prepare To Die Edition for only $7.49. You can also pick up the entire Hitman Collection for $11.24. Dead Space 2 is currently $4.99. I would highly suggest picking up Dark Souls.

That concludes this weeks hot sales. I may have missed a few sites and I apologize. Tune in next week for another set of awesome game sales. Did you find a sale worth mentioning not in this article? Sound off in the comments section.

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