WWE 2K19 Update Version 1.03 (PS4) Patch Notes (PC, Xbox One)

2K Games has released WWE 2K19 update version 1.03 today for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s what is included in this update.

The new update is available to download now on all platforms. It went live on PC first and then subsequently was made available on PS4 and Xbox One. As for the patch notes and changelog for this update, 2K Games hasn’t shared anything official for it so far.

WWE 2K19 Update Version 1.03 (PS4) Patch Notes (PC, Xbox One)

Version 1.03

  • Improvements to overall stability and other minor fixes have been made to enhance the user experience.

The above patch notes are taken from the PS4. We will update this article with official patch notes if 2K Games releases them online. As of now, there is no update from them regarding this new patch.

Update: Here are the full patch notes from 2K Games.

Universe mode

  • The proper menu displays when using a Superstar unlocked via VC and assigning them a custom title in a show. Also, the title will no longer soft crash when attempting to load into the edited show.
  • No additional manager will appear when customizing a normal match with managers and then switching to another Superstar with two managers.
  • Fixed issue with normal matches with managers when the target menu would appear when selecting participants for an entrance run-in. The target menu no longer appears, and if a match participant is selected for a normal match with managers, their opponent will be automatically the target of the entrance run-in.


  • Fixed soft crash when using some specific side plate designs in a custom title and then assigning that title to a Superstar with custom side plates.


  • Fixed issue with players not receiving a new move when purchasing from the store and closing out of the game during the loading screen immediately after. Now players that do this will retain their VC and are free to purchase that move again if they like.


  • Players are now able to reverse the A.I.’s signature and finisher after a comeback has been successfully performed in the Million Dollar Tower.

WWE  2K19 is also getting a new moves pack soon. This features more than 50 moves, most of which feel unique and fresh. The complete list of moves that are a part of this upcoming pack can be viewed from here. This pack will cost you $3.99. It is also part of the season pass so if you have purchased it, you can get this moves pack for no additional cost.

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WWE 2K19 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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