Xbox One Software Outsells PS4 Software In US, Ghosts and Battlefield 4 Sold Better On Xbox One And More

People might argue about PlayStation 4 having superior ports but it seems like the general public doesn’t really seem to care much. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed software sales figures for several of the first party Microsoft titles.

December’s NPD sales figures are now out in the wild. According to Aaron Greenberg, Xbox One retail software sold approximately 4.8 million units compared to 4.2 million for PlayStation 4. While he doesn’t give the exact figure, he does comment on how Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 sold better on Xbox One.

Some good #NPD SW facts: #XboxOne YTD 2013: 4.8M retail games vs. 4.2M for PS4. COD & BF4 both sold better on #XboxOne.

When a user asked him about Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 sales number, he gives the following figures for these titles.

DR3 526K, FM5 457K, RYSE 431K.

He then clarifies that these are LTD numbers and not just December. Xbox One launched in November so these numbers should cover November + December.


Lastly, Aaron Greenberg drops the last NPD sales figure fact stating that 1st Party titles on Xbox One sold 1.5 million units compared to 599k on PS4.

Last #NPD fact: 1st/2nd party (exclusives) SW sales for #XboxOne 1.5M units vs. 599K for PS4. Led by Dead Rising, Forza 5 and Ryse.

Xbox One was also the best selling console in US for the month of December, 2013. The PS4 wasn’t much far behind though and still remains the best selling next generation console in the US and in worldwide sales.

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