Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles Announced

Microsoft has announced three new Xbox 360 bundles which will be available this holiday season. Dubbed as Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles, no release date has been announced although the bundles themselves have been detailed. Two of the bundles will be available for $299.99 whereas the third bundle will be available for $399.99. In addition to these bundles, U.S customers can waive off $50 from the available bundles for a limited time only; starting from October 13 and running all the way through till January 4 2014.

First bundle announced contains a Xbox 360 with 250GB HDD along with two games; Halo 4 and Tomb Raider along with a month of Xbox LIVE Gold. This Holiday Value Bundle will be available at retail for $299.99.

Second Holiday Value Bundle contains a Xbox 360 with 4GB of HDD. This bundle comes with Kinect and two Kinect only games; Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports 2. It also comes with a month of Xbox LIVE Gold membership. This bundle will also be available at retail for $299.99.

The third Holiday Value Bundle announced features a Xbox 360 with 250GB of HDD space. This bundle also comes with a Kinect along with three games; Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports 2 and Forza Horizon. Like the previous bundles, this bundle also comes with a month of Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Unlike the previous two bundles, this bundle will be available at retail for $399.99.



All the bundles will sport the very latest 2013 remodel version of the Xbox 360.

It seems that Microsoft is breathing life into Xbox 360 again, with the release of its next-generation console, the Xbox One, soon to be dawned upon us. With no backwards compatibility announced with the Xbox One, Microsoft is showing its commitment to its consumers by making its most popular gaming console available cheaply in the form of Value Bundles. We recently saw Nintendo making Holiday Bundles available as well for its Wii U console and now we can see Microsoft using the same approach as well.

Microsoft has been under fire ever since it revealed its strict DRM policies at E3 2013 but later redacted its policies after serious backlash from gamers. Xbox One will be launching on November 22 in 13 key countries.

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