Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Start Up Comparison: Old vs New [Update]

Xbox 360 was notorious for having a slower start up compared to PlayStation 3. What about Xbox One Start Up? Seems like Microsoft has learned their mishaps from their history and finally made it as swift and fast as possible.

Earlier, we posted about Xbox One “Welcome Back” screen. It looked sleek and fast. What about the Start Up time for Xbox One and how about if we stack it together with Xbox 360? Which one of them looks better and which one is faster? As it appears, Xbox One is extremely fast and loads the UI within seconds where as Xbox 360 tooks a good while to give us control of the UI.

You can check out both of them below:

In our opinion, the new boot up not only looks beautiful, it also gets down to business quickly. Here’s hoping that Microsoft doesn’t mess it up with future firmware updates.

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Update: The Xbox One start up has been proved to be a fake. We apologize for causing any confusion. We will update this article with a correct comparison once we get our hand on a genuine source.

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