Xbox E3 2018 Conference Will Be 100 Minutes Long

E3 is getting closer and the big 3 first party publishers will have their own conference for E3. Microsoft is expected to make a lot of new game announcements after their current slate of announced projects has been released. Fans are expecting to hear more about the upcoming first party Xbox exclusives and third party partnerships at the upcoming E3 2018.

The length of the conference is usually an interesting topic ahead of their reveal, because they give an idea of how much content can be expected from the conference. Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference was reportedly listed as 2 hours on the official Twitch schedule however Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has now confirmed that this was a mistake.

Phil Spencer has also corrected the length of the conference clarifying that it will be 100 minutes long. This appears to be similar in length to the last year’s conference which was slightly over 100 minutes.

Some of the earlier rumor point towards a brand new Forza Horizon, Gears of War and Halo game being announced at the upcoming E3. Microsoft also has marketing rights to games like Anthem and Battlefield V, which are two of the big games set to launch in the coming days. Both of them are from EA.

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