Xbox Game Pass Announced By Microsoft, Pricing Detailed

Microsoft has announced a new subscription based service called Xbox Game Pass. This service is expected to launch in Spring 2017 and features over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible games that can be played at any time by paying a subscription fee of $100 per month.

Xbox Game Pass is a new subscription based program that will be released for the Xbox One and Windows 10. This program will offer more than 100 games initially while new games will be added each month with old games phasing out of it. This is a lot similar to the Netflix subscription model with movies and TV shows, except we are talking about games here.

The initial pricing scheme has also been confirmed and so far, it is a monthly subscription service that will cost £7.99/$9/99 per month. There is no confirmed list of games yet but the service can be accessed it its Alpha stage by applying for it.

Xbox Game Pass will also offer exclusive discount of up to 20% on the games that it offers and this can be used to purchase them forever. Morever, the service will also allow discount on add-ons/DLCs for these games.

If you wish to apply for the Alpha program, you can do so from your Xbox One. There is no exact date when the program will launch on the Xbox One.

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