Xbox Hackers Have Managed To Dump NAND of Xbox One

It’s closing in on to being nearly a week since the Xbox One was officially launched by Microsoft. Facing a lot of hiccups and bumpy roads leading to the launch, Microsoft still managed to sell one million units to the customers within 24hours but keep in mind that it is a total of selling units in 13 key countries.

Piracy is a growing concern in the video games industry. With many accomplished hackers hacking consoles to run downloaded games. Microsoft’s previous console, the Xbox 360, was also not immune to piracy and featured hacking elements such as “JTAG” which allows the user to run downloaded games (whose data has been ripped off and uploaded on the internet for the platform) from the hard disk. Piracy was one of the main reasons why Microsoft tried pushing strict DRM policies such as online verification of the console once every 24hours to see if the console has been modified in any way and if it was then the console would be immediately banned.

However, the backlash from the gaming community was so fierce that Microsoft had to retract its policies in order to stay in the game with its competitors. Apparently, everyone saw this coming. The hackers of the Xbox community have managed to dump Xbox One’s NAND data, yes the very own NAND data of the Xbox One.

Xbox One

Folks over at Konsolen – Junkies (Console Junkies) revealed that the size of the NAND present on Xbox One is 4.9GB in size. It was also revealed that NAND can be dumped using Corona V2 using SD Card reader just as with the Xbox 360. However, to do so, the crystal or ‘quartz’ needs to be disabled. It was also mentioned that J-Runner ‘may not’ be used for dumping as it limits the size to 3.5GB on Corona. You can head over to Konsolen-Junkies to see the images. Do note that the NAND files contain drive info and serial number.

So Xbox One’s own system NAND also comes on a SD Card like Xbox 360 Slim’s NAND?

Previously it was made known by a famous hacker ‘C4eva’, who dumped the data of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One on the internet, that the discs can be read. This means that Xbox One is gaining attention from the hackers who are able to reach the first step with dumping the NAND. Since the hackers continue to tinkle with the Xbox One, the question is how long till they are able to hack it completely?

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.

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