Xbox Live Core Services Experiencing Issues, Error Code 0X87DE0017 Returns Again

Xbox Live is experiencing issues again today after there was a massive down time at similar point during yesterday. This time, the error code 0X87DE0017 has made it impossible to run any application or game, if you were planning to play anything today.

In case you aren’t aware of this error code, this was related to some security breach earlier this month and was supposedly fixed by Microsoft. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t been fixed at all judging from the past two days outage of Xbox Live.

If you are unable to open any application or any of your digitally purchased content on Xbox One, you are unfortunately helpless in this matter, and have to wait until Microsoft can fix this issue, like they did yesterday.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue faced by users on the official Xbox Live status page.


Hey Xbox members, are you having an issue accessing your account such as payments, subscriptions, security or forum settings? We are aware and are working hard to get this resolved ASAP! Thank you for being patient. We’ll post another update when more information becomes available.

There is no estimated time given for the fix so if you want to play any of your digital games or use any application, you will have to wait for a while. The disc-based games seem to work fine although Xbox Live is down meaning you won’t be able to play them online.

Let us know if you are experiencing any issues in the comments below.

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