Xbox Live Deals With Gold For This Week Are Live (January 24 – 30)

Microsoft is offering brand new deals for Xbox Live Gold users this week. In addition to the traditional deals, SEGA is also offering a publisher sale for all the Xbox Live Gold users including deals of their Sonic franchise.

The complete list of games for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One can be read below.

Xbox One:

GamePrice% OffPrice History
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles – TrilogyUSD 12.5050%Price History
Battlefield 1USD 35.9940%Price History
Battlefield 1 Deluxe EditionUSD 47.9940%Price History
Battlefield 1 Ultimate EditionUSD 97.4925%Price History
Battlefield 1 – Titanfall 2 Deluxe BundleUSD 75.0050%Price History
GhostbustersUSD 20.0060%Price History
Kerbal Space ProgramUSD 23.9940%Price History
Kinect Triple Bundle: Beats & Booms & SquidsUSD 17.4930%Price History
Roblox – 800 RobuxUSD 8.9910%Price History
Spy ChameleonUSD 2.5050%Price History
Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate EditionUSD 23.9940%Price History
Titanfall 2USD 30.0050%Price History
Titanfall 2 Deluxe EditionUSD 40.0050%Price History
Trackmania TurboUSD 16.0060%Price History
Trials Of The Blood DragonUSD 7.5050%Price History

Xbox 360:

GamePrice% OffPrice HistoryBC
Age Of BootyUSD 2.9940%Price HistoryYes
Alien SpidyUSD 1.2475%Price HistoryNo
Alien Spidy – Between A Rock And A Hard PlaceUSD 0.9950%Price HistoryNo
Alien Spidy – Easy BreezyUSD 0.9950%Price HistoryNo
Bionic CommandoUSD 2.9980%Price HistoryNo
Bionic Commando: RearmedUSD 2.4975%Price HistoryNo
Blood KnightsUSD 2.4975%Price HistoryYes
DarkStar OneUSD 1.9980%Price HistoryNo
Flock!USD 5.9960%Price HistoryYes
Foul PlayUSD 2.4975%Price HistoryYes

Sega/Sonic Franchise Mega Sale

GamePrice% OffPrice HistoryBC
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedUSD 14.9950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Metal Sonic & Outrun DLCUSD 1.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic & KnucklesUSD 1.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic & Sega RacingUSD 9.9950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic & Sega Racing – Metal Sonic & Death Egg ZoneUSD 3.4950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic & Sega Racing – Unlock All Characters & TracksUSD 2.4950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic AdventureUSD 2.4950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic Adventure 2USD 4.9950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Mode DLCUSD 1.4950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic Adventure DX UpgradeUSD 1.2450%Price HistoryNo
Sonic CDUSD 2.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic Free RidersUSD 9.9950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic GenerationsUSD 9.9950%Price HistoryNo
Sonic The FightersUSD 2.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic The HedgehogUSD 2.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic The Hedgehog 2USD 2.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic The Hedgehog 3USD 2.4950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode IUSD 4.9950%Price HistoryYes
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode IIUSD 7.4950%Price HistoryYes
SONIC UNLEASHEDUSD 9.9950%Price HistoryNo
SONIC UNLEASHED – Apotos & Shamar Adventure PackUSD 1.5650%Price HistoryNo
SONIC UNLEASHED – Chun-Nan Adventure PackUSD 1.5650%Price HistoryNo
SONIC UNLEASHED – Empire City & Adabat Adventure PackUSD 1.5650%Price HistoryNo
SONIC UNLEASHED – Holoska Adventure PackUSD 1.5650%Price HistoryNo
SONIC UNLEASHED – Mazuri Adventure PackUSD 1.5650%Price HistoryNo
SONIC UNLEASHED – Spagonia Adventure PackUSD 1.5650%Price HistoryNo

These deals will run from January 24th till January 30th so make sure to grab the game that you want before the deals end.

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