Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced For August 2016

Microsoft has officially announced the Games with Gold titles for the month of August 2016. The games included this month are Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, WWE 2K16, Spelunky and Beyond Good & Evil HD.

The full detailed list can be found below:

  • Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate ($59.99 ERP) – Available August 1st to 31st for the Xbox One
  • WWE 2K16 ($39.99 ERP)  – Available August 16th to September 15th for the Xbox One
  • Spelunky ($19.99 ERP) – Available August 1st to 15th for the Xbox one and Xbox 360
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD ($14.99 ERP) – Available August 16th to 31st for the Xbox one and Xbox 360


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is the fourth installment in the Warriors Orochi series, which is a crossover of the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors series. The Ultimate edition is an updated version of the original game and features new characters as well as new stages.

WWE 2K16 is the 17th game in the WWE games franchise and has been praised for it’s roster size and gameplay improvements, while being criticized for the long load times. A sequel, WWE 2K17, is also due for a release in October this year.

Spelunky is the indie hit game where players explore procedurally generated cave systems in search of treasure, all the while avoiding traps and battling enemies.

Beyond Good & Evil HD is the full HD remaster of the original critically acclaimed game. While the game itself was a commercial failure, it’s popularity has led to a sequel, titled Beyond Good & Evil 2, which is currently in development.

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