Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced For September 2016

Microsoft has officially announced the Games With Gold titles for the month of September 2016. The games included this month are Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, Forza Horizon and Mirror’s Edge.

The full detailed list can be found below :

  • Earthlock: Festival of Magic ($29.99 ERP) – Available September 1st to 30th for the Xbox One.
  • Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China ($9.99 ERP)  – Available September 16th to October 15th for the Xbox One.
  • Forza Horizon ($19.99 ERP) – Available September 1st to 15th for the Xbox one and Xbox 360.
  • Mirror’s Edge ($14.99 ERP) – Available September 16th to 30th for the Xbox one and Xbox 360.


Earthlock: Festival of Magic is an upcoming role playing game. The game is turn-based and takes place in the world of Umbra, where a cataclysmic event stops the planet from spinning.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is the first entry in the trio of games labeled Assassin’s Creed Chronicles. The game places players in the shoes of the Assassin Shao Jun, who returns to her homeland to exact vengeance against a Templar group known as the Eight Tigers.

Forza Horizon is a spin-off of the Forza franchise and takes place during the fictional Horizon Festival. The game is based in an open world and has a roster of around 300 cars.

Mirror’s Edge is based in a dystopian future and features the protagonist Faith, a courier who uses parkour to deliver messages, all the while avoiding government surveillance.

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