Xbox Live Games With Gold For August 2017: What To Expect?

Xbox Live Games with Gold is a monthly subscription service that offers free games, online multiplayer and exclusive discounts and offers each month. Xbox Live Games with Gold usually includes 4 games for the Xbox One with 2 of them being Xbox 360 backwards compatible game.

For the month of August 2017, Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the Games with Gold lineup so this article is merely a prediction of what to expect from the upcoming Xbox Live Gold announcement.

Looking at the history of Games with Gold, last year, Xbox Live Gold users were able to download Warrior Orochi 3: Ultimate and WWE 2K 16 for Xbox One. This was supplemented by Spelunky and Beyond Good and Evil HD for Xbox One backwards compatibility. August 2015 meanwhile had some amazing games with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metro Duology, both being a part of the monthly free games lineup.

It looks like August is usually a big month for Xbox Live Games with Gold with 1 or 2 major titles being a part of the monthly lineup. From Metal Gear Solid V to WWE 2K16, August has generally fared well for Xbox Live Gold members. Here is what we predict will be the free games for Xbox Live Gold users in August 2017.

  • Batman: The TellTale Game Series Season 1
  • Mad Max
  • Blue Dragon
  • Crackdown 2

This is just our prediction so don’t take it as confirmation of any games. Microsoft will have an official announcement on the Games with Gold lineup for the month of August 2017 this Wednesday.

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