Xbox Live Games With Gold July 2018: What To Expect?

Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of July 2018 are expected to be announced soon. Last month, we had an early leak for the Games with Gold lineup for the month of June 2018. This leaked image was initially assumed to be fake because it looked absurd with a Smite bundle worth $99 available as one of the games for the Xbox One, however, it turned out to be true once the lineup was officially announced.

When Will Be Games With Gold Lineup Officially Announced?

Microsoft usually announces their Games with Gold lineup after the 20th of every month and the announcement is made on a Tuesday at the earliest. In this case, we are just coming from a busy E3 week and the announcement has been delayed a little. You can expect to see an official announcement on June 26th from Major Nelson himself, while you can also hope for a leak to come out before the announcement.

What Are The Predictions For Games With Gold July 2018?

It is not easy to predict the games that will be a part of the upcoming month but if I had to throw a guess, the following games will be my choice.

  1. NBA Playgrounds (Xbox One)
  2. For Honor (Xbox One)
  3. Batman Arkham Origins (Xbox 360)
  4. Dragon Age 2 (Xbox 360)

Let us know what do you expect to see as part of the Games with Gold lineup for the coming month in the comments below.

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