Xbox Live Hits 49 Million Users, While Console Sales Decline

Today Microsoft reported it’s earnings for the fourth quarter and the full fiscal year, which ended on June 30th, and although the company no longer shares it’s Xbox sales numbers, the report does offer us a glimpse into the state of it’s gaming division.

According to the report, revenue generated by Xbox Live has increased by 4% due to the increased number of transactions and the increased amount of money spent per transaction. The number of monthly active users for Xbox Live have also seen an increase to 49 million users, which is an increase of 33% from the 37 million users in fiscal year 2015.

Xbox One S

The company has also seen a decrease of 33% in revenue from console sales this year, most of which can be attributed to the fewer number of consoles sold, as well as the decrease in the price of the Xbox One. Microsoft saw a decrease of over $153 million (9%) in it’s gaming revenue this year.

Microsoft’s More Personal Computing sector, which also consists of Windows, mobile phones and search advertising, also reported a decrease in revenue by $346 million (4%) due to poor performance on the part of the Devices segment, which contains phones and tablets, and the Gaming segment.

Xbox One S set for release on August 2nd

As a whole, Microsoft reported a revenue of $20.6 billion, with net income of $3.1 billion.

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