Xbox Minis: A User Designed Solution To Waiting In Multiplayer Lobbies On The Xbox One

The Xbox One has the option to snap to various apps while still running the game in real-time, although this doesn’t work for multiple Xbox One games. The recently released Xbox One and Windows 8 game Nutjitsu allows its user to play any Xbox One title and still be able to snap to the game. This method works as Nutjitsu is essentially a Windows 8 app being run on the Xbox One, and Xbox One allows snapping between multiple apps.

reddit user Klodeckel1990 took this idea and then designed a new layout for Xbox One OS, which he calls ‘Xbox Minis’. The idea is essentially the same as snapping to a different game, but this time, we are talking about bite-sized mini games that can be played with friends.

xbox minis

The games shown in the design include Pong and Tic Tac Toe. These are the game that won’t really require much effort to be developed and can be good time waster while we wait for our turn in the lobby of a multiplayer game.

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