Xbox One Adaptive A.I and Game DVR support restricted to selected games

As the new Xbox One release date draws near, Microsoft is getting aggressive in their marketing for Xbox One. People might have thought that since the Game DVR and Adaptive A.I feature is so prominently featured on the main ad, it might be included in every game. As it turns out, the support for both features depends on the games and its developers.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One feature the ability to record and share videos of your games to others. Xbox One has a 5 minutes limit on recording while PlayStation 4 can record upto 15 minutes of a clip.  Game DVR on Xbox One also requires a Gold subscription, which really sounds strange but since the clip is uploaded to the cloud, maybe, they are charging for storage on cloud?

As much as Microsoft is trying to push out Adaptive A.I, we think it will mostly be limited to first party games. The disclaimer on the official Microsoft site has also somehow confirmed this. It reads: “Adaptive AI and Game DVR available in supported games”. So you want to find out if a game supports this “Adaptive A.I” or not, take a look at the back of the box to see if it does.

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