Xbox One Boot Time Comparison And Benchmark: HDD vs SSD vs SSHD

Microsoft’s official statement regarding the storage on Xbox One is that it is not upgradeable but tearing down the actual console reveals that we can do it. This process is risky though and will also void our warranty since we have to open up the console to replace hard disk. A new video shows various HDD tests done on an Xbox One, comparing the boot and in-game loading time on it.

This YouTube video comes from user Brian Williams on YouTube and he shows a neat comparison with videos and timer between the various HDDs on Xbox One. Check it out below.

According to this video, we do get a interesting insight on the boot time with SSD and seems like it will be faster on Xbox One. As per the test done on video, SSD was of course the fastest with a boot time of 46.1 seconds compared to 50.5 seconds of the stock hard disk. SSHD was in between both of them with a boot time of about 48.0 seconds.

He also compared the loading time in-game with Call of Duty: Ghosts. As it appears, SSD clocked at 27 seconds, SSHD at 27.7 seconds and the stock hard disk at 33.5 seconds.

So it seems like those who are tired of long load times can definitely benefit from upgrading to a SSD on Xbox One. Of course, replacing HDD will void warranty of Xbox One so it is up to you whether you take the plunge or not.

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