Xbox One Can Also Calibrate Your HDTV For You, Also Works With Universal Remote [Update]

We know that Xbox One is an all-in-one box solution from Microsoft that besides being a games console also offers you to do stuff that you would normally do with your set-top box or an entertainment hub, watch TV or stream content.

Early users of Xbox One who have received the next-generation console from Microsoft earlier than the official launch date have been providing the internet with a lot of information. One early user, cjcool804, informed us that Xbox One can also calibrate your own TV for you. This means that Xbox One can calibrate your TV automatically manually, taking you step by step to set it for optimal viewing experience.

He also stated that it was very easy to set up the universal remote or a harmony remote with the Xbox One to use with it. We do know that Kinect 2.0 comes packed with an IR blaster.

Xbox One’s UI is really snappy and neat and works as fast as it was advertised. We have seen a comprehensive demo of the UI by Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten a few days before.

Xbox One is scheduled to be launched on November 22nd in 13 key countries as identified my Microsoft.

UPDATE: Albet Penello, Director of Product Planning at Microsoft, has confirmed that the calibration of the TV is not automatic but is manual. The option features step by step instructions to help you get the correct contrast, brightness and colour settings to get the optimum viewing on your TV.

What are you thoughts on Xbox One’s all-in one entertainment features? Let us know in the comments below.

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